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Posted October 19 2021 8:00

#Virtual Servers #servers #linux

Reading time: 5 min.

How to Restart a Server?

we will talk about how to reboot the local and remote servers safely.

Posted October 12 2021 8:00

#servers #linux #directories

Reading time: 7 min.

Linux Files, Directories and Folders. Linux Filesystem Structure

To manage Linux folders, you need to understand the basics of the file hierarchy structure.

Posted October 5 2021 8:00

#Virtual Servers #servers #dns

Reading time: 6 min.

What is a DNS Server and How to Choose the Most Suitable Type

DNS Server is a technology that allows a browser to find an IP address by name and load a website.

Posted October 1 2021 0:37

#Virtual Servers #servers #linux

Reading time: 6 min.

Best Linux Distributions for Server

The Linux server is reliable, has enhanced security, is easy to configure, and stable.