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6 tips to check the server before the Christmas holidays

Winter holidays always come with long weekends. Someone decides to spend it with family and friends, and someone leaves for a vacation. Anyway, you don't want to get back to work, even for a minute.

We have prepared for you a list of recommendations to check the server before the long vacation, so that you can celebrate without worrying about your projects.

  1. Check your balance.

Server invoice is the most important and, at the same time, most often forgotten to pay. Check the time frame of your services. We recommend that you make sure that your balance is not zero. It is even better to pay in advance so that the server is not stopped for non-payment. Also, in the case of a bank payment method, take into consideration some time for the funds to be credited to your account.

Don't forget that you also need to verify payment for additional services, such as domain name, SSL certificate (if used), IP addresses, services provided under a paid subscription. For example, an SSL certificate has to be installed on the server instead of the expired one, even if you have automated payments.

  1. Set up tracking.

During the holidays, there is always an increased load on the servers, which can result in their downtime. The risks of other external factors are also not excluded as well. A tracking service will notify you of any issue that occurs. It can be achieved through scripts that send emails or by installing special tracking apps.

  1. Keep logins and passwords within your reach.

Ensure that you always have access "keys" with you, at least to the main resources: your email account, personal account and server. They can be saved, for example, in a password manager or notes on a mobile phone. This will save you time and allow you to solve any problem promptly, because it may happen that due to the lack of access to a resource, any minor problem will turn into a global one.

  1. Ensure free storage.

Lack of disk space is one of the frequent reasons why your project is unavailable. You can test the upload to the server with special utilities, commands, or tracking services. We recommend that you check these settings:

  • cache space that your project requires,
  • log files,
  • backups that are saved to the same disk,
  • at least 40% of space is available.
  1. Keep backup copies.

Backup is necessary to form a data archive that is protected from changes and damage, as well as to restore the project in case of damage or failures in the original source. Save all data back up before the holidays using the "3-2-1" rule. It consists of creating 3 copies at a time, 2 of which are stored on physical storage devices and the other in digital format.

  1. Improve network security and DDoS protection.

Server security is always our priority, and is particularly relevant during vacations. Almost every Internet project, from business applications to web development and online services, requires increased fault tolerance, performance and data protection. We recommend switching passwords and using servers with anti-DDoS services. VPS Netherlands from LLHOST INC. include DDoS mitigations that scan all incoming traffic and cut suspicious packets in accordance with established rules.

These simple tips will allow you to avoid unnecessary worries on the server during the winter vacation. In addition, you can also get a DDoS-protected virtual server for half the price!

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