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QA environment on a virtual server

Virtual servers are used nowadays for a variety of tasks, not just in IT, but in many other fields. However, before we can enjoy a software product, an entire team is working on it.

QA is one of the important production stages, for which a virtual server is an ideal environment. The virtual QA environment greatly reduces the time spent working on a project because of the following reasons:

  1. On a virtual server, you can simultaneously deploy several versions of the same software product, each of which can be run on demand. In this case, you can create an unlimited number of users with certain access rights to server resources.
  2. Testing environments deployed on virtual servers also prevent idle time of your own servers when there is no need to use them. All the virtual resources you need are at your disposal without loss of quality.
  3. All virtual servers LLHOST INC. are configured with nested virtualization, allowing you to create isolated QA environments that you can easily set up to your needs.
  4. Developers can work with the virtual environment without fear of damaging the QA engineer's one.
  5. A QA environment on a virtual server is also necessary to calculate the consumption of selected resources without affecting its own capacities.
  6. Temporary projects, which require diagnostics of software functionality only, are advisable to deploy in a testing environment, since they will not be used later.

Testing environments based on virtual servers will help speed up the product QA stage with minimal overhead. They can be deployed in the shortest time, being flexible in configurations.

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