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12 proofs you need a VPN

Talking about VPN, privacy and data security is always in focus. We covered this topic in the articles Who is following us on the Internet? and Beware: Spy Apps! This is really important, because information such as IP addresses, proxies, provider, etc. can be intercepted if they are sent over an insecure network. It is the VPN that creates a private encrypted tunnel between the two networks, which protects all your data.

However, there are many other uses for VPN that you may not even have heard of. Today we will talk about 12 of them:

  1. Access to blocked resources.

In many countries of the world, several social networks are subject to censorship and blocking. For example, Facebook and Twitter are blocked in Algeria to prevent students from using them to get answers during exams. However, the blockage affects every user in the country. A VPN will help you bypass regional blocks of resources that are not available in your country.

  1. High speed of media resources.

A VPN is your trusted companion for avoiding ISP (Internet service providers) speed limits on streaming media platforms like YouTube. In other words, a VPN will allow you to watch videos or movies across multiple platforms without annoying disconnects, buffers, or other barriers.

  1. International libraries and streaming TV.

Streaming platforms like Netflix have different content in different countries. This may be due to copyright or censorship laws, as well as licensing agreements and price discrimination practices where the cost is different for one viewer or provider than it is for another. A VPN will allow you to access libraries that are not available in your area, as well as watch original programs from almost all TV channels in the world absolutely free of charge, bypassing geo-restrictions.

  1. Change of location.

If, for whatever reason, you wish to hide your site from others, like employees or employers, a VPN will come to your rescue. For this, a server at the desired location will suffice.

  1. Online gaming without speed limits.

Game developers often use BitTorrent for updates and fixed bugs. Such traffic significantly increases the load on the network, so it is "throttled" (intentionally slowed down) by Internet service providers to minimize bandwidth congestion. Using a VPN will help prevent those limitations.

  1. Shopping in foreign online stores.

According to InternetRetailer.com, 24% of online shoppers purchase goods on foreign marketplaces daily. By using a VPN, you can avoid the challenges on different financial systems and make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

  1. Anti-eavesdropping.

We have already highlighted the threats of public Wi-Fi. Since such connections are not encrypted and not protected, the risk of being eavesdropped is quite high, which you can check by all the permissions of installed applications. Even legitimate apps that let you control your kids or your employees' activities are vulnerable to attackers. VPN not only masks the route of your Internet traffic, but also encrypts your data, hiding your presence on the network.

  1. Voice over IP (VoIP) calls.

Using a VPN for VoIP calls can make your connection safe from a country where the Internet is strictly monitored or blocked. It is also a means to save money on VoIP calls. The cost of this type of connection depends on where you are, and switching your IP address to a server address may help you access cheaper rates.

  1. Safe connection to any Wi-Fi hotspot.

All Wi-Fi connections are highly vulnerable and are considered weak when it comes to IT security (see paragraph 1). Keep in mind that a VPN helps you connect to any Wi-Fi network safely.

  1. Booking of air tickets and other services.

Many airlines and service providers may have different data collection methods that are used to generate service charges based on your location. Just like in the case of VoIP, a VPN will help you get a better price and, in addition, get rid of the annoying follow-up ads.

  1. Marketing research on competitors.

It is known that each visit to a website is registered automatically. You can be identified by this digital footprint. In this case, a VPN will help you stay incognito. That is especially important when you are researching a competitor and anonymity is crucial.

  1. The "Watch list".

Traffic, especially illegal, is carefully monitored by international security agencies, such as MPAA (Motion Picture Association) in the US or GPC (Government Communications Center) in the UK. Identified offenders are recorded under the so-called "Watch list". A VPN allows you to download and share files without risk of being included into one of these lists.

Those are just 12 reasons that prove the benefits of using a VPN. Highly secure encryption, IP masking, the ability to connect two devices at the same time, multilingual support - all this is about VPN servers from LLHOST INC. Take the chance to connect the service with an -11% discount for 3 months! Use the promo code #givemevpn when choosing any VPN plan from LLHOST INC. until October 14, 2022. Let your every connection to the network be as safe as possible!