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Christmas is coming!

LLHOST INC. are excited to announce a start of a huge Christmas and New Year discounts! Doesn't matter if you are looking for enlarging your Christmas presents savings or just for a great deal - 50% off is an excellent start for the holidays' season. LLHo-Ho-Host, everyone!

Promo code: MC&HNY!OVS50
Discount: 50%
Applicable to services: Optimized Virtual Servers
Applicable to billing cycles: any
Applicable to orders: non-limited
Type: non-recurring
Expiration date: 08/01/2021
Q-ty: limited

Promo codes Tips&Tricks

1. Stacking tip.

MC&HNY!OVS50 promo code is stacking with long-term billing cycles, so you can make a discount even bigger:
Regular OVS-16 price - €45.99 / mo
MC&HNY!OVS50 OVS-16 price - €23.00 / mo (50% discount)
12 months billing cycle OVS-16 price - €34.49 / mo (25% discount)
MC&HNY!OVS50 & 12 months billing cycle OVS-16 price combo - €17.25 / mo (63% discount)

2. Extending tip.

You can extend one-time MC&HNY!OVS50 promo-code to be applied to your OVS for a year!

Promo-code could be applied only once. But if you choose e.g. 12 months billing cycle it will be applied to a whole 12 months of OVS usage!

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