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A week of impressive Black Friday’s discounts!

Dear Colleagues,
LLHOST INC. are glad to announce a week of impressive Black Friday’s discounts, which will last until December 05, 2021!

We have issued limited edition promo-codes, which give you discounts of up to 60% on any of our VPS!

To use a discount, you need to order one of the Optimized Virtual Servers plans for more than one month and use one of the promo codes from the listed below:

BlackFridayOVS60 - 25 validations
BlackFridayOVS50 - 75 validations
BlackFridayOVS40 - 200 validations

Please take into the account that these promo codes stacks with long-term order discounts. So you have the chance to get up to 70% off for a year of Virtual Server usage! 

OVS32 - 32 GB RAM / 16 vCPU / 480 GB SSD will cost you only €331.16 EUR/year, which is only €27.59 EUR/month.

Hurry up, promo codes are limited in number and time!

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