VPS Problem Solving Made Easy: Prevention tips and Solutions VPS Problem Solving Made Easy: Prevention tips and Solutions
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What is the best VPS hosting service?

Virtual servers (VPS) are one of the best business solutions around the world today. It is useful not just for the IT community involved in web development or online shops, but also for enterprises using the services of an email server, IP telephony or CCTV server.

VPS is a must for complex web projects with high traffic, which is supported by a reliable hardware solution.

On a virtual server, you can deploy any version of the system libraries and configure existing ones. Full access to the root directories will enable you to change, add or remove files, change the operating system and make modifications to the software.

When using a VPS server, the dedicated resources are guaranteed: RAM, CPU, storage, which make your server operate fast and independent of other users.

LLHOST INC. team improves its services daily to ensure our users get the best products. We aim to provide the highest level of service by increasing anti-DDoS protection. At the same time, a high level of productivity and maximum uptime are retained.

83% of our customers continued using VPS Netherlands from LLHOST INC. after first month of use. 

Why do they choose virtual servers from LLHOST INC.?

The main advantages of VPS Netherlands are:

High security level.

VPS Netherlands includes protection from DDoS attacks (L3-L4), and 24/7 multilingual technical support ready to solve any issues as quickly as possible.

Server's performance and power.

All hardware is based on Dell platforms, latest generation AMD and Intel® Xeon® processors, REG ECC RAM, enterprise-class SSDs. As a result of these technical specifications, there will be sufficient power and memory for all needs. You can distribute resources in different directions, create an email server, cloud storage, install your own software, etc.

Quick installation.

SLA setup is 10 minutes. You can start using VPS immediately, without installing extensions. The virtual server receives all required startup information from the parent host.

Server scalability.

As the amount of data increases and the power needs to be increased, it is possible to scale any VPS Netherlands plan.

You can also perform nested virtualization or request an extra IP address.

Root access.

You manage the server with administrator rights, so that all processes running on the server are under your control. You can modify the settings for your project's needs, install additional software, edit or replace the files in the system.

Dedicated IP address.

It helps to protect from accidental blockades caused by the actions of "neighbors". A dedicated IP address is required when setting up an e-mail service or FTP server for exchanging files, when creating VPN channels.

Price and payment.

All the possible payment methods of LLHOST INC. allow you to make transactions in any currency from anywhere in the world (find the full list in our blog). And competitive prices help our users grow and expand their businesses with no overpayments and/or unexpected bills.

For those who did not have time to take advantage of the New Year's promotion, LLHOST INC. offer a -25% discount on all VPS Netherlands plans.*

VPS Netherlands from LLHOST INC is a best-in-class offer. We support 24/7, help with parameters, provide the most convenient working conditions, and guarantee a prompt resolution of any issue. Your business is our priority, so if you are not yet our customer, check out the VPS Netherlands plans and find the solution that works for you.

* The discount applies for 3 months of the monthly billing cycle and cannot be combined with other special offers. The promotion is valid until January 20, 2023 for an unlimited number of users.