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What a Virtual Server is NOT a Solution for?

In our blog, we have talked about all the benefits and advantages of virtual servers (VPS) several times. Whether it's storage of personal data or creating VPN channels, deploying IP telephony, a CCTV or a mail server. (see the articles “Why does your business need a virtual server?”, "QA environment on a virtual server", "What is the best VPS hosting service?")

Today we are going to discuss on what a virtual server is NOT a solution for.

Thus, cases where VPS will not be helpful to your business:

Storage of bank data or state secrets.

Processing and storing confidential data requires high-level security and control that no virtual server is yet able to provide. The "Concerning Personal Data" law in many countries requires physical data protection and security practices. Often, such organizations use a hybrid infrastructure: some of the data is stored on a virtual server (including the QA environment), and critical information is stored on a physical one.

IT conservatism.

IT-technologies offer ever more advanced methods of processing, monitoring and management. And if it's sometimes difficult if they help or if they just exist in parallel, allowing us to enter their world, pay attention to the world's leading successful brands. There are few who today do not use modern virtualization capabilities, cloud-based solutions or big data.

Older hardware and software.

Is your operating system version pre-2000s, and is your database stored on floppy disks? Based on the above, older versions of software and components block the transition to the VM environment. This means the business must make fundamental changes to its IT infrastructure.

Financial indifference.

You're unlikely to ignore IT service maintenance costs, such as budget for hardware purchase and repair, software upgrades, team of experts. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the cost of physical servers is heavy. Virtual servers help prevent capital investment in hardware. All you have is just small monthly payments for the necessary specifications. The provider takes care of everything else.

No plans to develop the business.

If today you decide to stop there or don't see any development possibilities, tomorrow everything can change in a spectacular way. Increase in customer base or services always requires scaling the IT infrastructure. And migrating to a virtual server will prepare your company for fast growth as much as possible.

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