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VPN for your business: is it HYPE or a MUST?

The problem of data leakage and cyberattacks is one of the most relevant today. Not only huge corporations, but also small companies are at risk. According to VseVPN, the damage from cybercrime will reach 6 trillion dollars in 2022. Getting your own VPN server is the key solution and the first step to ensure your company security.

VPN has been used for years to provide secure access to the corporate systems, and the range of its advantages (or benefits) has increased exponentially. But why should a business consider these VPN solutions? The reasons are next:

  1. To enhance your online privacy by Internet connection encryption.
  2. To change your virtual location to bypass any regional locks.
  3. To ensure the privacy of personal data, both yours and your customers.
  4. To provide access to intranet websites and corporate systems, limited by the local network.
  5. To increase protection of public Wi-Fi networks (cafes, airports, hotels, etc.), used while working remotely, but the risk of traffic interception is especially high.

A VPN server for business should have the following specs:

  • a dedicated static IP address with a dedicated server (in most cases, IP address can be changed each time you connect to VPN, or be transferred to other users),
  • multiple devices' accessibility (in this case, the company will have access to the register of websites visited by employees),
  • flexible payment system (bank cards of any country and in any currency, as well as other payment systems, including cryptocurrency),
  • free trial period of the server,
  • guaranteed no-logs policy due to no client tracking.

A corporate VPN, even for a small business, is not as expensive as it might seem. You do not need to purchase expensive equipment, neither server configuring nor tech support are charged (or both server configuring and tech support are for free). 

So, LLHOST INC. offers VPN servers with ready-made solutions for fast and secure connection for any device running any OS (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android), for private use as well as corporate with 24/7 support. Kill switch function included will protect your customers' data by blocking all Internet traffic in case of a sudden disconnection from the network. Promo code “VPN4BUSINESS” guarantees a 40% discount for any Private VPN Server.*

VPN servers save your company's reputation and prevent data breach legal issues due to advanced security protocols and dedicated servers. You can also run different countries market research and get access to regional blocked business services by changing your virtual location. In addition, your employees can connect to your servers and work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Do you really need a VPN for business? You have to decide. But in case you have employees working remotely, business documents are stored online, or you need to provide access to business systems available on your company's intranet only, then a VPN is a must for your company.

*Terms and conditions: 

  1. This discount can be applied for any Private VPN Server.
  2. It is available for 3 periods of monthly billing cycle.
  3. The promo code is valid until May 22th, 2022.
  4. It is active for an unlimited number of users.