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TV Show The Last of Us. Premiere Weeks Review.

WARNING! This text may be followed by spoilers!

The first video-game "The Last of Us" from Naughty Dog’s developers, was released back in 2013 exclusively for PlayStation consoles. This story of the post-apocalyptic world has struck a chord with so many users, that it has been constantly updated with various DLCs and remastered versions of the video-game, as well as four comic books as a spin-off. 

Thus, nearly 10 years later, HBO presented the eponymous TV show to fans of "The Last of Us". It debuted on January 15, 2023, and is already determined #1 on IMDb's "Most Watched TV Shows" with a 9.3 user rating.

We went through the reviews of the first two series on the network. The opinion of the critics is unanimous: "The Last of Us" is better than the cult "The Walking Dead".

“Empire”, a British film magazine named “TLoU” the best adaptation of the video-game: “Comfortably the best adaptation of a video-game ever made: one that deepens the video-game’s dystopian lore, while staying true to its emotional core. Like the video-game, it’s a masterpiece, too..”

Indeed, the TV adaptation follows the video-game's original storyline, keeping all the most thrilling moments.

“NME”, one of Time Warner's largest magazines, noted that the authors revealed the missed moments of the video-game: “Mazin and Druckmann have opted to expand their world rather than remake it – filling in the gaps that were previously left blank.”

Thus, the series "The Last of Us" not only adds details to the video-game, but also acts as an entry point for those not familiar with the story. The action takes place in the United States after a global epidemic caused by a mutated Cordyceps fungus. The cities were destroyed alongside the population. The survivors, a smuggler Joel and a teenage Ellie cross the ruins to get out of the quarantine zone.

No doubt, the imitated key scenes from the video-game are delightful, but the "terrifying" details deserve special attention: the appearances of the infected, their fuzzy tendrils crawl out of their mouths like nested xenomorphs, mushroomed scalps... Even the old paint scabbing over walls and fungal veins crawling across floors was taken into account and imitated in the series.

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