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Stranger things or a nightmare of the streets in the 1980s.

Yes, we've been waiting for this too, and it's finally here!

The premiere of Stranger Things season 4, one of the most awaited TV shows of 2022 took place today.

In the summer of 2016, when the first season released, no one could have imagined how much we would love this mystical story about a girl with superpowers, role-playing children and otherworldly forces. As a result, the series awarded many times, six of which were Emmy Award.

The first volume of the fourth season is already available on Netflix. The remaining episodes can be watched since July 1st.

The brothers Duffer jokingly call it their “Game of Thrones” because of the abundance of storylines and special effects, thanks to which each of the nine episodes pleases us with a significant duration (more than 60 minutes). In addition, the creators shared that the mystery of why Hawkins is constantly becoming the epicenter of supernatural events will finally be revealed.

Netflix marked the premiere with the preview of the first episode of season 4, which the invited guests rated as “the scariest debut episode of the series.” Matt and Ross even hinted that Stranger Things could get a sequel or spin-off, outside the current plot and cast. It sounds tempting, because we are already prisoners of the Upside Down world, waiting for the dénouement of fantastic and confusing adventures of strange children.

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Little tip: If Netflix is blocked in your region, install a VPN and enjoy watching your favorite series!

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