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Managed vs Unmanaged server. Which one to choose?

Hosting providers offer a wide range of products to meet all the users' needs. There are some basic specifications in order to choose a VPS:

  • high uptime, 
  • technical support available 24/7,
  • ability to scale plans,
  • additional security services, etc. 

You can learn more about this from the post in our blog.

To continue the subject of VPS selection, let's look at what managed and unmanaged servers are, and what are used for.

Managed hosting ensures that your server is administrated by the provider. In fact, you get additional services to the standard configurations of unmanaged hosting, such as software updates, mailbox, database management, installation of add-ons, which, of course, are reflected in the price of the plan. It can be recommended for users with no technical knowledge on server operation. As usually, the functionality is limited and depends on the service provider.

An unmanaged VPS is completely controlled by the customer. The software and operating system configuration, as well as total control over server configurations and operation, allow you to customize the server environment according to your preferences.

An unmanaged VPS has several advantages over a managed VPS.

The primary benefit of an unmanaged VPS is full control (in terms of bandwidth, memory, software installation and storage usage). Flexibility in settings allows you to install selected applications that best meet your needs or are required for specific tasks. It's easy to create a separate environment within the server or isolate resources for different projects. Finally, unmanaged VPS servers are ideal for businesses with high bandwidth requirements.

What factors should be considered when choosing an unmanaged VPS?

Virtualization. Learn the available features of virtualization software. VPS Netherlands are based on KVM, which has more core settings and more software options available.

Resources. Over time, your project will expand and require additional resources. Ensure you can scale your plan as needed.

OS compatibility. Not all providers offer unmanaged Windows VPS or all Windows OS distributions and the same can be said about Linux.

OS distributions. If you need a specific OS version, make sure it's on the provider's services list.

Uptime. Make sure your server provider has minimal downtime. VPS Netherlands’ uptime rates to date are 99.9%.

Additional services. Some projects may require additional components, such as IP addresses. We recommend choosing a provider that can offer these services.

Technical support. Despite the fact that an unmanaged VPS implies full control over the system, LLHOST INC.'s multi-lingual support is available 24/7 for any queries.

The decision to select a VPS is based on your technical experience, project needs, budget, etc. 

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