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#International Internet Day

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LLHOST INC. loves holidays and gift-giving!

International Internet Day on April 4th is one of the many days it is celebrated.

The day of April 4th was chosen as it is the feast day of Saint Isidore of Seville.

Why him, you ask?

The Vatican confirmed Isidore as the leading patron saint of the internet, based on the fact that the World Wide Web is a huge treasury of practical and theoretical human knowledge, and the saint had a significant impact on education in the Middle Ages.

Isidore of Seville is the author of the first ever encyclopedia in 20 volumes, "Etymology". Also he was the first who introduced the writings of Aristotle to Spain, was both a reformer and a broadminded man. Saint Isidore is considered one of the last ancient Christian philosophers.

For the first time International Internet Day on April 4th  was celebrated in 1998. LLHOST INC. also joins this holiday and gives everyone a 40% discount. Any hosting services are more accessible now!

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