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How to make a server migration?

Data migration is the process of a one-time mass movement of large amounts of data from source system to a destination system, in which the operation of data in the source system is terminated.

During the migration process, we can't avoid a temporary downtime of both servers. Also, the complexity of the process depends on the type and volume of data being moved. There are steps to help facilitate the process:

  1. Determine the type and status of the data, such as format and confidentiality, taking into consideration any changes they may receive during migration.
  2. Plan your migration time: since migration involves a downtime period, this can affect the work of all project members.
  3. Back up your data in order to have access to all available files and, if required, use them for recovery.
  4. Monitor the process, even if everything goes well; there may be some issues after the process is completed.

Depending upon your options, the following migration methods are available:

Migration via Control Panel.

If the source system uses one of the control panels, the migration process will be much simpler. They usually contain back-up and recovery options. For example, during your website migration, you may need to update the configuration to use your VPS' IP address. When the installation is complete, you will need to update your DNS records to point to your VPS.

Migration via a unique or non-use Control Panel.

If the source system (hosting provider) does not use a control panel or uses its own, or you do not want to use a control panel for your VPS, then you'll have to do some extra steps. Using the example of a website migration, once you backup and complete your configurations, you may need to manually install additional software on your new VPS server.

Migration carried out by LLHOST INC. technicians.

LLHOST INC. team is ready to help you set up the server, organize and prepare the migration. To do this, select any VPS Netherlands plan and, after server activation, send a migration request through the ticket system. Data transfer is done automatically by fully copying and then deploying the entire file system and its settings (OS and software) on the new platform, excluding temporary files or directories.

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