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How to choose: a VPN application or a VPN server?

First, what does VPN mean?

VPN (Virtual Private Network) - technologies that allow you to get private access to the network, by changing the IP address and increasing privacy due to data encryption.

What types of VPN exist?

VPN can be divided into three main types: Public VPN service, Private server for VPN, and Private VPN server.

Let's find out which VPN is right for/suitable for you, considering all their pros and cons.

A public VPN service is an application for your device with the possibility to choose the country and the VPN server you are connecting to.


  • Usability: download, install and use.
  • Free application (most often).


  • Connection speed and quality: depends on the number of users connected to the server.
  • Functional restrictions: the free period may be limited.
  • Privacy risks: your data is not protected from leakage.
  • The number of devices to connect is limited: each employee of the department needs to install a separate application.
  • Technical support: most services either do not have it or it is available due to business hours.

Private server for VPN is your own server where you can set up a VPN.


  • Consistent service and no "neighbors": it is available to you and those you grant access to.
  • High privacy: “No-logs” policy - no data about your server operations is logged or stored.
  • Ability to connect multiple devices, for example, for the entire department.
  • 24/7 technical support.


  • The service is paid (with a free trial period).
  • Technical skills are required for the VPN configuring on a dedicated server.

Private VPN server is your own server, with a VPN, already configured.


  • Consistent service, high confidentiality, the ability to connect multiple devices, 24/7 technical support - like a Private server for VPN.
  • Easy to install (almost like a VPN application): the provider sets up the VPN for you on your private server.


  • The service is paid (with a free trial period).


  1. Free applications do not guarantee your privacy and security of personal data.
  2. Advanced solutions are accessible without technical skills.
  3. You can choose the appropriate service according to your budget, needs, and technical background.

So, you can assess the usability and customization of the Private VPN server during the trial period with just two clicks: follow the link and choose "Free 24h test". 24/7 technical support is available in Russian and English languages (telegram chat or ticket). Any electronic means and cards from anywhere in the world are accepted for payment. Follow our blog, as you can find all the news, educational materials, and discounts on LLHOST INC. products.