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Earn on hosting with an affiliate program from LLHOST INC.

Did you know that LLHOST INC. is not only fast and modern servers, but also an opportunity to earn money?

Become a partner and benefit from a guaranteed income of up to 30% of all funds deposited by the customers you have referred!

LLHOST INC. invites you to join our affiliate program. This means that you will receive a monetary reward for each product ordered through your personal referral link. 

The affiliate program will be a great solution for you to earn additional money for the deployment of projects on LLHOST INC. servers. You can use these to organize internal business processes, such as virtual environments for development and testing, create audio/photo/video storage, host web sites and projects for your company and/or customers, and much more.

Today, we will answer questions to help you understand how this works.

Who is the LLHOST INC. affiliate program for?

Affiliate program LLHOST INC. will be of interest to both experienced webmasters and novice Internet entrepreneurs, website owners, programmers, SEO specialists, web studios, bloggers and many others.

How does the LLHOST INC. affiliate program work?

Each registered partner of the affiliate program receives a progressive interest rate of up to 30% of all payments, accepted through the referral link. In case the user who clicked on your referral link does not register immediately, but in a week, he will be listed in the statistics of your account.

How to take part in the LLHOST INC. affiliate program?

Any registered user can join the affiliate program. A personal referral link is available in the Affiliates tab, along with statistics and your affiliate balance.

How can be distributed your referral link?

You can place your referral link on your website and / or websites of your clients, add it to the text of publications for a blog, social networks and other resources, or create an email campaign for your customer base. They may be looking for a reliable provider of Virtual or VPN servers at this very moment. Advise them to use the services of a trusted and reliable hosting provider LLHOST INC., that is confirmed by the good deal of positive feedback from our customers on various review platforms.

How is the reward for LLHOST INC. affiliate program charged?

Funds are rewarded automatically for any LLHOST INC. services, paid and extended to renewals. They can be managed at your convenience. Withdraw the rewards earned through the affiliate program on your bank card (the minimum amount required is €50.00 EUR) or use them to pay for services purchased at LLHOST INC.

Is it free to join the LLHOST INC affiliate program?

Registration and participation in the affiliate program LLHOST INC absolutely free! Even you can use the funds from the affiliate account to pay for the services of LLHOST INC, general terms and conditions do not require that you be our user.

What are the advantages of the LLHOST INC. affiliate program?

LLHOST INC offer VPS only based on modern equipment: Dell platforms, latest generation AMD and Intel® Xeon® processors, REG ECC memory and enterprise-class SSD, etc. Technical support specialists are available 24/7 in two languages, response time is 5-10 min. The available payment methods enable you to perform payments from anywhere in the world in any currency. Transparent conditions are provided for all partners of the affiliate program. Referral statistics and your account balance are always updated. In addition, we simply love our partners!

You can be a user and partner of LLHOST INC. at the same time. It's much easier to recommend a product you know and use on your own! So, until February 17, 2023, any VPS Netherlands plan from LLHOST INC. is available with a -25% discount.*

Don't miss an opportunity to increase your income by recommending a reliable hosting provider LLHOST INC.!

Learn more on LLHOST INC. affiliate program, ask our experts via Ticketing System and join now.

*The discount applies to 3 months of the monthly billing cycle and cannot be combined with other special offers.