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LLHOST INC. is a European company established in 2017 by engineers of 10+ years of hosting, network and development industries experience. We provide a diverse spectrum of services, starting from Hosting services, as our main product, through the Internet Exchange and Network services to a System administration and Development teams outsourcing and outstaffing.

Besides of inviolable standards of reliability, redundancy and uptime of hosting industry, LLHOST INC. adheres to the best overall standards of technical support, product engineering and customers’ service.

24/7 support with a 15-minute response time any time of day, 99.9% uptime, modern server and network equipment, fully redundant infrastructure, no bandwidth limitations, fixed and reasonable prices, free migration assistance, IT community support and development. All of this and even more is what we work on every day and is what we offer to our customers.


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Our values


We believe that everything even a bit meaningful for a customer is of highly importance for us. By everything we mean not just a product or service but the whole cooperation cycle from engineering of custom infrastructure solutions to a friendly smile in a timely ticket reply.


We believe that a professional should know the yet unknown, solve the yet impossible and expect the unexpected. Continuous professional growth and improvement is the basic for our engineers and staff.


Service quality, in all its aspects as reliability, flexibility, pricing, timing and many others, is a result of a subtraction of expectations from a performance. We do everything possible to keep this result positive, no matter how high customers’ expectations are.


There is nothing more of value for humankind than time, and there is nothing more precious for business than customers’ time. We intend to save as much of your time as possible within all levels of cooperation.


Company details

Legal name: LLHOST INC. SRL
State registry number: 37326945
Legal address: Romania, 050586, Bucharest, Street Dr. Petre Herescu, 12, Parter, apt.2
EU VAT: RO37326945
NR: J40/4605/04.04.2017
CEO: Tasnicenсo Vladimir
Registration certificate: view

Bank account

Beneficiary: LLHOST INC. SRL
RO53 UGBI 0000 1020 2886 9RON
RO46 UGBI 0000 1020 2887 0EUR
RO43 UGBI 0000 1020 2887 1USD
Beneficiary’s bank: Garanti Bank SA, Floreasca Agency
Currencies: RON, USD, EUR